Post 47: N-Cloth

Throughout this project, I had learned techniques that included n-cloth, as some of the characters have capes and some have hanging ribbons. I used bump maps to texture the material without making the cloth to high poly.




Post 46: Stills

We found this ending seen from dishonoured that visually depicts a still of an environment as the camera pans throughout the environment. This pan reveals all the details that could not be seen clearly throughout a fast paced action scene. The group agree that this technique could be incorporated into our project, and that we should put it in to practice.

Post 42: Bug Rigs

I have constructed a 6 legged bug rig that I plan to use for the insects that inhabit the dark side of the planet. This is my first time making a rig with more than 2 legs and I was very nervous about how natural the movements may look, however the rig is quite easy to use and seems to get good results.


The control rig is simple but effective.

Six leg bug rig pic.JPG

Post 39: ‘Clog’

Kevin had said that he wanted there to be a Senile Slopelander; who is one of the most intellectual and philosopher character in the story, who understands of the shape and nature of the world, but is not taken seriously due to his ranking. He is the lowest in the society due to his height and is considered an outcast. We have name the character Clog and have given him an extremely round design to symbolize his standing within the hierarchy of power.

12791061_1040500726006845_4760820096095291509_n (1)

Post 38: Soul edge



This design by Amy for a living sword reminds of Soul edge; an evil living sword from the Soul Callibur game series. This inspired me to look into the idea of the dangers of living tools, as the Soul Edge may control its user if they’re not strong willed.