post 52- Battle Scene

In this scene; there is an Elite struggling in a life or death battle with a huge creature called a Farled. The tall height that the Elite was so proud of is nothing compared to this monster’s and the Elite cowards in fear before it.

Camera: we incorporated low angle camera techniques when creating shots of the monster to making it appear intimating and low angle camera techniques to show the Elite from above which visually and symbolically makes the Elite appear vulnerable.



post 51- The Pit Scene

In this scene; the insects flood out of the hole dug by the King into the city of the Elites.

Camera: the camera starts in the hole to show the insects traveling up the tunnel and then gently pans out of the pit you to create emphasis on the chaos of the insects as they enter the city.

Scath Model:

Concepts- this model is base from earlier concept art with a few minor alterations that the team wanted and felt were more consistent with the current artistic direction.


The sculpts

The model was made on Maya then moved to mud box. The detail and texture was then added here and a bump map is made based of this.


I made a range of custom brushes for this model .


Rigging- I use my spider rig from before and with some minor modification; it could be used for this model.


Longer legs- upon seeing this scene; Kevin gave us feedback and told us that he liked the model but he felt that the proportions were not exaggerated enough and that they needed to be edited and stretched out.


Post 50: Farlid

Concepts- the model is based from this concept art however the team also wanted some minor changes to it.

12052660_1165322643501256_7366492859493331174_o (1).jpg

The Sculpts


I used a custom scale brush for the skin.


Retopologizing these model was difficult because of its unconventional shape, however understanding the pipeline was crucial to completing both of these model.



I modelled the beak of the creature in one part but the planned scene was changed to having its mouth open. As there would be a huge amount of reconstructing to do and I felt the head one of the weaker elements of the model, I designed to make a new head from scratch was a large open mouth

farlide headdfar

Post 49: Weaponry

I sculpted all the props in the product, by first modelling on maya then moving them to mudbox for texturing. The texture is made in hi-ploy and then a bump map was created based on the textured model and added to the low polly modelled making it quick to render.

Post 48: Staff Particles

The staff of the king is meant to emit a dark power from it and I opted to create it using nparticle. By setting the weight to to a minus number I made them gently spread out, float and fade into the distance.

kings staff

Post 46: Stills

We found this ending seen from dishonoured that visually depicts a still of an environment as the camera pans throughout the environment. This pan reveals all the details that could not be seen clearly throughout a fast paced action scene. The group agree that this technique could be incorporated into our project, and that we should put it in to practice.