Show Reel research

From all these examples I have learned many things about making a good show reel, including the basics of how they annotated and how the shorter reels keep the viewer’s attention better.

A good show-reel that does a good job of displaying its great models, although it is far too long.

This reel has an interesting mix of polished models and the models being used in fully rendered production.

Clearly shows the finished work, smooth model and topology. Despite being quite long, it does not linger on any scene so it does not become as tiresome

A basic reel, but it keeps your focus because of its short length. The plain grey background is a good choice as it is not distracting or hard on the eyes like black or white would be

Nice models and animation made more effective by the range of very different creatures that move very distinctly

This reel is much too long for a personal show reel but breaks down the animation and rigs really well.

Its focus on one good rig makes the reel have a sense of continuity, and shows clearly what all the controls do

The work displayed in this show reel varies in quality but the show reel is well paced and short, keeping the viewer’s attention.




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