Post3 Early thoughts

After our team was given the brief, we began discussing strategies of how we could create the visuals for the environment and its inhabitants.

Our initial thoughts for the inhabitants, we were told that the gravity would lead the inhabitants of the outer rim of the planet to be shorter, whereas the inhabitants located closer to the centre of the planet were taller.  The outer rim inhabitants were physically stronger due to their bodies being heavily constructed to support themselves with the higher gravity, however the central inhabitants would be crushed if they were to go to the outer rim. Due to the gravitational effects, the outer rim inhabitants had lower heavy bodies, whereas the central inhabitants would have very top heavy designs. We were preliminarily thinking of using triangular shapes for all the inhabitants of the earth to convey bodily functions.

Due to the environmental aspects of the planet; the culture and societal aspects were very predominant as the central inhabitants would be higher up within the feudal system as it scales out further throughout the planet. The outer rim inhabitants would be very primitive as they live in a very barren landscape due to the dense gravity crushing all rural life, whereas the central inhabitants would have a very prosperous environment, high growth and society. Within this hierarchy, the King would be cantered within the inner structure of the planet, where there is extremely low gravity. The inner rim would be excessive with plant life, forests and mountains. It was because of this, we were trying to convey the environmental and societal differences through the various designs of the inhabitants. We decided to look into Peter Jackson’s film adaption of Lord of the Rings as inspiration for the various concepts of creatures and life.

We were inspired by the Dwarves’ heavy built design for the outer rim inhabitants.

Looking into the Elves; we were very interested in conveying the nobility of the Elves for the inner rim inhabitants.


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