Post 6 The main races

The first race are the Sloppers (sloplander); the race located at the outer rim of the light side. A few main features and concepts that our team agreed on were-

  • Sloppers are short- as gravity makes it impossible to be tall in their environment
  • They are hunters and gatherers– as the ground is too barren and dry to grow crops
  • The inhabitants are physically very hard and rock like – to survive in the harsh gravity conditions; their bodies are very solid and sturdy
  • Sloppers are incredibly strong- despite seemingly possessing average strength in the own environment, however their strength becomes more apparent the closer they are based to the central area
  • Lower class – Sloppers are seen like peasants to the elites because of their smaller size, less formal ways and due to the fact they do not have time for leisure

Research we were studying whilst creating the Sloppers-

  • ‘The Fifth Element’ – Aliens
  • ‘The Lord of the Rings’ – Dwarves
  • ‘Dark Souls’ – Gurm

The second race is the Hubbers (elites) are the race located closer to the central rim of the light side. A few main features and concepts of the hubbers goes as following-

  • Hubbers are tall as low gravity makes this height possible and being very tall allows them to move easy and quickly in their environment
  • Weak- their tall and things body is too weak to venture far from the centre of the planet
  • Farmers- the most common profession in the central area is farming as the ground is very fertile there and growing crops is easier
  • Height is seen a status or a value and over the developing periods, the higher ups in the hierarchy are extremely tall and live closer to the centre of the planet to lead more leisurely lives
  • Hubbers take extreme pride in their appearance and fashion, therefore all their clothes are exaggerated and very formalistic


Research and visual inspirations for the Hubbers-

  • ‘The Lord of the Rings’ – Elves
  • ‘Dark Souls’ – The Four Kings
  • ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ – Jack Skellington
  • ‘Final Fantasy Crisis Core’ – Minerva

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