Post 5 lighting

The lighting is an integral element to overall visual of the project, as it is stylistic choice to use only stark blacks and whites to convey lighting and physicality of the planet’s alignment between both stars. Unlike a convention star, which emits all colours of light, both star-like bodies that surround the planet emit pure black and white light meaning there are no colour and their sheer intensity causes there to be no greys.  Both star-like bodies do not emit heat, and exhort gravity whilst the gravity repels rather than attracts. Light pierces through all objects on this planet, and therefore there is no cast shadows. Although italic Pig had applied abstract and theoretical physics whilst doing heavy research on this topic, I also consulted a colleague who recently graduated at Queen’s studying Astro-Physics. I wanted to gain additional information on the possibility of the physics and how light is affected and he had confirmed that these star-like bodies could exist in the form of a theoretical white hole.

All objects within this planet are white on top due to the fact there is no cast shadows, and the bottom is black. Light is inverted on the other side of the planet due to black light and white light being the other way from the perspective of people on that side.  The light star-like body is hitting the objects instead of the black side and thus the colours are inverted. The two races mentioned before both live on the light side, however there is a dark side of the planet inhabited by creatures.


‘Limbo’ is a game created using shadows to convey forms and figures, however they are very easily identifiable to the audience and thus we were researching how it was conveyed as it would be a difficult task to portray our characters whilst still being recognizable to our audience.


‘Balance’ is an animation that conveys illustration in black and white, that only shows highlights to convey movement and forms. There is no ambient occlusion and we found this relevant because the movement within this animation is extremely apparent due to the use of lighting.


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