Website research

These types of websites are very basic, but I feel they are surprisingly effective because of how easy it is to find the info that you are after. Clearly showing your work and details is often more important that have a flashy website.
Fun and engrossing, shows all info clearly in a way that cannot be missed. Sadly, does not show many examples of the work that it flaunts, and only has one means of contact. All round, a pretty fun site
Another simple but effective website, clearly shows all the projects that they have worked on and tells us what part of it they created.
A very flowing website with no harsh transitions, despite it being a scrolling website it is never hard to move directly to what you want see from any point of the page
This website has pros and cons. It is not overly professional and is somewhat hard to read, but it shows character and that they are passionate about their work. I don’t think that it’s a great website but there are good points that can be taken from this.
An all-round great website, cool, clear, and easy to use.
This website is so cool and interesting, but still clear and easy to use. Although it is not perfect – there are many buttons and links that do not work, and on some of the longer pages there is no way of scrolling down. These problems show that it is possible for even a very professional website to have foolish points


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